Saturday, 25 October 2014

2014 almost over.....

My deceptively strong Porter on the Mera/Island Peak trip
2014; A bit of a different year for me. The activity started with a trip to Morocco (see previous post) and in the spring a trip to Nepal once again for Jagged Globe. Revisiting Mera Peak but with the addition of Island Peak this time. (Trip report and photo's here).
For the rest of the year I took a bit of time out from the mountains and returned to Tree Surgery. Making sure I am still current and up to date with the necessary skills.
I had another trip up Ben Nevis in September for the Breast Cancer Care charity, another really successful event run by Latitude Events.
On the music front, my band managed to play Bloodstock Festival in August this year which was an amazing weekend, aswell as shooting our second video since I have joined the band.
Photo Courtesy of Will Tudor Photography 
However it is now the 25th of October meaning it is just over one month until I head to Argentina. This is another trip for Jagged Globe and we are heading for Aconcagua (details here). There are several teams heading out through December but we are to be the first one this year.

In the mean time here is a short clip from Mera Peak this year.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Some Winter Mountaineering anyone?

This Friday, I'm leaving for Nepal again, this time for Mera and Island Peak for Jagged Globe. 10 clients hoping to summit two 6000m mountains in 4 weeks. Staying put this summer, however Aconcagua in November :)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ecuador Volcanoes


Just returned from leading a successful trip to Ecuador for Jagged Globe. This was the Ecuador Volcanoes trip in which 5 of the volcanoes are climbed. Pasochoa, (4,200m) Guagua Pichincha (4,700m) Illiniza Norte (5,200m), Cayambe (5,800m) and lastly but definitely not least Cotopaxi (5,900m). I was in Ecuador in 2007 and on that trip with my climbing partner Ben, we climbed Carihuairazo (5,000m), Cotopaxi and reached 6000m on Chimborazo. It was great to go back and this time get rewarded with amazingly clear views of Cotopaxi. It's a great trip (see link below) and although demanding a really good introductory trip for those looking to get some experience at altitude.

On the way up to Illiniza Norte
Cotopaxi in the Morning sun
Looking back up towards Cayambe's summit   

At the bottom of the glacier on Cayambe        

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Breast Cancer UK

A little quiet on here of late. But I haven't been Idle. Just back from Peru where I led a trip for Venture Force. This was a school trip and took in the Amazing Macchu Pichu aswell as climbing El Misti (5822m).  I had stayed on for 10 days and had planned to climb Alpamayo but instead decided to experience what it was like being held up at gunpoint.. So, I spent the next 10 days sorting out emergency travel documents :)
Since being back I worked on a Breast Cancer UK charity event guiding a team up Ben Nevis, all of which I am pleased to say summited.
Team before the slog up Ben Nevis which is looking threatening in the background

Onwards and upwards;
October this year its back to South America for 16 days leading for Jagged Globe and an Ecuador Volcanoes trip. I was in Ecuador in 2004 and climbed Cotopaxi and had a go and Chimorazo  with a friend of mine, Ben ( so it will be great to go back almost 10 years later and head back up Cotopaxi. Will also be tackling Cayambe, another of the big volcanoes.


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Xtreme Everest Trip

Last spring I led a trip to Everest base camp for Jagged Globe and the Xtreme Everest project. The expedition examined how lowlanders (us) compared to Sherpas in our ability to acclimatise and function at high altitude. We were accompanied by a film crew. This is the finished short programme with some beautiful footage of the Khumbu region r

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Been a while as things have been busy locally. But for all prospective clients/friends here is what is happening. This summer, school expedition for my friend Tom Tuckwood and his company Venture Force ( to Peru, Objectives include Machu Picchu and El Misti. I am staying on to have a crack at Alpamayo, (below) the Matterhorn of the Cordillera Blanca, as long as the weather is favourable.

Alpamayo 5,947m

 In the Autumn, back out to Nepal for Jagged Globe. Everest base camp as acclimatisation for Island Peak. In the meantime here are some shots from the Everest Base camp trip this spring (again for Jagged Globe

Namche Bazarr, late season snowfall

Acclimatisation, Pheriche

Evacuation, Khumbu style

Not oft seen view of Ama Dablam

Khumbu glacier, Nuptse and Everest in the background

Friday, 26 October 2012

Mount Ararat

A short trip to Turkey with a team for Jagged Globe prior to the Nepal trip. Good strong team and excellent support from Jagged Globe, as always. Success at 5000m :)